Strategy Highlights

SISCO holding Strategy 2021 - 2026

SISCO holding aims to grow its portfolio by concentrating mainly on logistics services and adjacent areas that cover the entire logistics value chain. The ultimate objective is to emerge as a major player in KSA and the region. To achieve this, the Company is taking initiatives to unlock the full potential of its current portfolio, venture into new segments, expedite digitization to boost agility and efficiency, and promote innovation to stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape.

We are making steady progress toward achieving our target of SAR 2 billion in revenues by 2026 through driving organic growth within our portfolio companies and evaluating brownfield investments and acquisitions while improving margins and delivering sustainable long-term shareholder value. Our strategy looks at leveraging our proven expertise and history of developing assets and generating strong returns and solid cash flows to fortify our leading position as a logistics and infrastructure investor. We aim to become the partner of choice for key investors in this growing space.

6x26: Our 5-year targets

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Improved margins through infrastructure consolidation and synergy

Focus Areas

Our overall strategic intent aims to deepen the focus on our core segment of Ports & Logistics and grow our capabilities and capacities organically and inorganically. Our aim is to enter new adjacencies related to infrastructure development and expand into multi-modal logistics services.

In parallel, we will continue to focus on transforming our water segment into a leading integrated water desalination and distribution company with robust wastewater recycling capabilities to reuse treated water for specified purposes like horticulture and reduce freshwater usage.

Strategic Goals

With a dynamically expanding portfolio growing in relevance as customer demand for e-commerce based retailing and services increases, we have set clear goals for our ports and logistics portfolio companies to tap this opportunity. We also aim to become one of the region’s leading water solutions providers.

Strategic Direction for SISCO holding


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