Strategic Local and international partners

Through local, international, and strategic partnerships, we are able to elevate our investment portfolio, enhance efficiency, create mutually beneficial opportunities, and create real shareholder value. Our relationship with our partners is based on transparency, trust, reliability, and respect.


One of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world with a first-class portfolio of local and international investment companies.


A family-owned Saudi Arabian diversified business that has solidified its presence across 7 segments in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey.

A local pipe manufacturer for municipal & urban development, industrial, oil & gas & water transmission & distribution, and water wells sectors.

A large business entity with interests in construction, petrochemicals, fleet leasing services, hospitality business.


One of the fastest international growing port operators and a global leader in the industry.

A leading commercial business that focuses on shipping and freight services. Founded in 1910 in Dubai, this company has over a century's worth of experience.

A global group that focuses on the entire value chain of sustainable infrastructure & water solutions, in particular in renewable energy.

An impressive utilities and infrastructure group with diversified businesses in ports & logistics, energy & utilities, and engineering & construction.

A 72-year-old privately held logistics provider in the chemical and petrochemical industry with 69 locations worldwide and more than 3,800 employees.

With operations in 40 countries across the Middle East, Africa, India, and Asia. They operate in shipping, logistics, retail, tourism, technology, financial services, hospitality & real estate, education, and manufacturing.

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