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To ensure policy governance, fairness, transparency, and quality assurance, our board has created four committees: the Audit Committee, the Investment Committee, the Nomination & Remuneration Committee, and the Risk & Sustainability Committee. Each committee contains board members and independent experts. They have all been given different responsibilities but share the same goal: to act in alignment with our investment strategy and the stakeholders best interests.

Name of the Committee

Name of Members

* Member of Board of Directors

Audit Committee

Members have oversight and accountability responsibilities: evaluate policies, data, internal processes, and the appropriateness of resources. They are responsible for the annual risk assessment and the evaluation of regulation compliance.

Mr. Nader Mohammed Ashour (Chairman)
Mr. Talal N. Al-Dakhil
Mr. Yaser Allaf
Mr. Hussain Eid

Investment Committee

Members review and analyze current and future investment projects. They look after all financial resources and propose financial strategies.

Eng. Rayyan Mohammed Nagadi (Chairman)
Mr. Aamer Abdullah Alireza
Eng. Saleh Ahmed Hefni
Ms. Muneerah Hejab AlDossary

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Members are in charge of the recruitment, screening, and nomination of SISCO holding's board members and committee members. They also work closely with the Board of Directors to determine the compensation benefits of SISCO holding's CEO, board of Directors, committee members, and employees.

Mr. Talal Naser AlDakhil (Chairman)
Mr. Aamer Abdullah Alireza
Mr. Nader Mohammed Ashoor

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