Investment Case

Creating long-term value with a focus on growth

Over the past 34 years, SISCO holding has provided shareholders a unique proposition into a highly diversified portfolio of infrastructure investments with a focus on long-term growth beyond income generation. Our operating model is driven by a balanced philosophy of creating value and generating profits for our stakeholders. The Board's portfolio, financial management approach, and acquisition strategies center around this philosophy. We are also deeply committed to leading with a purpose beyond profits and building a culture encompassing the holistic and sustainable wellbeing of humanity.

10% - YoY Revenue Growth in the last 5 years

Our record in developing assets is exemplary, with a tried and tested strategy of incubating and scaling up large-scale projects. Deep sector expertise coupled with the strategic knowledge of signing and operating concessions helped us strengthen market leadership and achieve economies of scale. Our dominance in the sectors we operate is reflected in the leadership of LogiPoint, a BRZ operator in the Kingdom, and S.A. Talke's 3PL petrochemical logistics.

Access to Capital

We have adequate access to finance through banks and financial institutions, which will drive our investments in the future. A diversified portfolio of assets in defensive sectors that need recurring high capital and robust capital management capabilities enables reliable long-term cash generation. Our strategy to exit mature businesses partially also increases our avenues of access to capital in future.

Synergistic Portfolio

SISCO's comprehensive portfolio of businesses are in synergy and helps the Group to operate in low-risk, capital-intensive sectors. Our leaders have aan astute sectoral expertise that enables us to negotiate high barriers to entry in a highly regulated environment that requires working closely with authorities and ensure a high level of compliance.

Total AUMs over SAR 4 b

Our portfolio includes market-leading infrastructure assets in the GCC with supporting market fundamentals. SISCO holding's seven portfolio companies have assets under management worth more than SAR 4 b. We develop our portfolio through organic growth as well as value-enhancing acquisitions.

Portfolio-based strategies creating superior value

Our Integrated Logistics Platforms spanning our portfolio capabilities in ports and logistics provides SISCO holding with a superior value creation model. Our water distribution, ideally positioned to benefit from the privatization of the segment, is leading towards market dominance by consolidation and harnessing group synergies.

Expert Leadership

Our management and the Board comprise experts in the field whose knowledge of international best practices is unmatched. Their active investment management approach has translated into SISCO holding's success in acquiring and growing remunerative brownfield investment opportunities.

Sustainable growth

SISCO's sustainability framework captures four key areas of ESG goals: empowering our people, good governance and strong intuition, sustainable environment and infrastructure, and supporting our communities to enhance holistic value creation for all stakeholders.

+135% 10-year Portfolio Return

We have a track record of generating strong returns and solid cash flow. Our investments are managed on a decentralized basis while the Board provides strategic directions and expertise. Our 22% CAGR growth in dividend over the past 5 years highlights the growth we deliver to our shareholders.

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