A robust Corporate Governance structure ensures SISCO Group’s continued high performance and integrity, while retaining the trust of its stakeholders. Maintaining effective corporate governance is, therefore, a key priority for the board. This is achieved through implementing the core principles, best practices and guidelines promulgated by the Capital Market Authority of Saudi Arabia and other applicable regulations as well as international best practices.

SISCO Corporate Governance promotes a high standard of governance practices, transparency, accountability, and integrity and to consequently ensure that the interests of the Board/Management are aligned with those of the company and the shareholders.

Corporate Governance refers to rules that lead and guide the Company which includes mechanisms to regulate the various relationships between the board, executive directors, shareholders and stakeholders. This is achieved by establishing rules and procedures to facilitate the decision making process and add transparency and credibility to it, with the objective of protecting the rights of shareholders and stakeholders and achieving fairness, competitiveness and transparency on the Stock Exchange and with the business environment.

SISCO adheres entirely to the Corporate Governance regulations issued by the Board of the Capital Market Authority.