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  • 2023 Annual report

    Returns on investment in the infrastructure sector.

Returns on investment in the infrastructure sector.

Midway through its 6x26 strategy implementation, SISCO Holding continues to engage and create value for all its stakeholders. This year, the company has managed to execute a strategic share buyback as well as to obtain new approval for a share buyback, in line with its capital allocation framework. The Company has also continued its plan to support transforming RSGT into an international multiport operator, expanding SISCO Holding regional and international footprint.


تعرف على معالم الابتكار والنمو في مسيرتنا الرائدة منذ بداية عام 1988 كشركة ناشئة إلى أن أصبحنا شركة رائدة في قطاعيّ البنية التحتية والاستثمار في المملكة العربية السعودية.

  • February

    SISCO Holding holds its first portfolio event to highlight the group’s activities

  • March

    SISCO Holding holds First Investor Day

  • April

    SISCO Holding recruits new Head of M&A

  • June

    SISCO Holding AGM and Election of New Board

  • July

    Transfer of Green Dome from LogiPoint to SISCO Holding for SAR 47.3 million

  • August

    SISCO Holding executes its share buyback SISCO Holding recruits VP of Logistics

  • September

    Cash injection to GDI of SAR 6.4 million

  • October

    SISCO Holding launches its new website with the focus on increasing transparency and improving investor relations

  • November

    SISCO Holding holds EGM and obtains approval of new share buyback

  • December

    - SISCO Holding changes its name to Sustained Infrastructure Holding Co. -SISCO Holding deploys SAR 106.3 million in cash to Red Sea Gateway Terminal International Limited for Bangladesh Concession. - Negotiated and agreed 4 M&A transactions. - Invested a further SAR 7.9 million in GDI taking the total investment in GDI to SAR 61.6 million.

Ainfaeihim initiative

A community initiative supported by SISCO Holding and a number of portfolio companies in collaboration with Ektafa Charity Association.

Fund the highest priority needs & most impactful interventions SAR 1.25 million

SISCO Holding has signed an agreement to partner with Ektefaa, a non-profit organization, to empower disadvantaged families in the Makkah region towards achieving self sufficiency. Ektefaa addresses diverse needs within these communities, providing essential services such as water, sanitation, air conditioning, furniture, electronics, and kitchen appliances. This collaboration involves gathering information and conducting research in strategic partnership with various community sectors to promote sustainable development. The signing of the agreement marks the launch of this impactful project in 2024.

In Saudi Arabia, where approximately 20% of residents live in unplanned areas, and over 5,000 families reside in informal settlements or have resettled after districts were demolished, this initiative specifically targets informal settlements in alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 11 for Sustainable Cities and Communities.

This impactful initiative is characterized by a systematic, data-driven approach, starting with identifying the target population and conducting a thorough needs assessment survey. The verification and quantification of needs follow the needs assessment survey, allowing for the maximization of impact during the implementation stage. The initiative’s progress is continuously measured and disclosed to track its sustained impact over time.

Women Leadership at SISCO Holding

Women make a significant impact in the workforce. SISCO Holding is committed to fostering a gender-inclusive work environment with no tolerance for discrimination or gender inequality. In line with this commitment, mentoring and leadership development programs are provided for all female employees, and there is appropriate training for all positions held by women within the Company. Moreover, we are proud to announce that during the year 2023, the number of female employees at SISCO Holding has doubled, reflecting our dedication to diversity and inclusion. Notably, this growth has extended to the upper echelons of management, with five talented women now occupying top leadership positions within the company.

Here are some stories of SISCO Holding and portfolio company female leaders.

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