Khalid Suleimani

Khalid Suleimani, MSEE, CE, CME-1 
Chief executive officer to Saudi Industrial Services Co (SISCO), Since Nov. 2022, venture capitalist, angel investor and entrepreneur, with over 25 years of experience. He’s the chairman of Chrome Advisory a boutique financial advisory firm, which specializes in venture capital and the tech startup asset class. Also, a member of the Saudi Swedish Business Council, a member of the board and the investment committee of Iktifaa Charity Co, an Endeavour Network mentor, and former board member of Wadi Makkah holding.

A venture capital pioneer in Saudi Arabia, highlights of his career heading the VC fund unit for Alkhabeer Capital, chairing the board of Wadi Makkah Ventures and heading the investment committee, and serving as the president of Sirb, a leading Saudi angel investor network backed by KACST. He also helped structure and design strategies for several VC funds, and overlooked several investment deals locally and internationally.

One of the first technology entrepreneurs in the Kingdom, and founded his very first technology company, BASE Consulting, in 1994. He was the co-founder and CEO of Alcantara, a technology group, which won a top ten spot on the SAGIA’s “Saudi fastest growing company” list between the years 2009-2011. His achievements include successfully executing digital transformation projects for over 50 private, public, military and government entities.

Worked as a cross cultural consultant at Moran Stahl & Boyer in Boulder Colorado in 1993, as the head of the IT department at the Tactical units center in Prince Abdullah Airbase in 1989, and as a lecturer of electrical and computer engineering at King Abdul-Aziz University.

In 2013 he wrote the Entrepreneurship book: “84 tips to a successful business startups.” The book was translated to Arabic and republished 6 times and became a Best Seller in the Arab world. He is the contributing co-author of Alejandro Cremedes’ “The Art of Startup Fundraising” Arabic edition. Has held numerous public engagements and also has several publications in scientific and business journals.

Khalid holds a Master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the university of Colorado at Boulder, an executive education certificate on launching new ventures from Harvard Business School, and a venture capital certification from Investeurope. He also holds a CME-1 certificate from the CMA, and is a certified consultant by both MoCI and the Saudi council of engineers.