Saudi economic reforms have supported logistics on Red Sea line

JEDDAH — The CEO of logistics services at LogiPoint, Hemanth Prakash said that the Saudi economic reforms have had a positive impact on the development of a significant logistical competition along the Red Sea coastline.

This is bound to contribute in attracting local, regional and international investors and hence giving priority to the logistics of the Jeddah Islamic Port.
"The emergence of new facilities and groups on the Red Sea coast is a positive development for all clients — including LogiPoint — and the ability to create transit logistics and export, which can become a global strategic convergence point connecting Europe, Africa and Asia with a strong cargo traffic," said Prakash
"The economic reforms have encouraged a healthier economy because of better pricing for local, regional and international clients" said Prakash. "LogiPoint is the first and largest one-million square meter bonded and re-export area of the Jeddah Islamic Port offering quality services such as transport warehousing, port services, joint packaging, etc., as well as complete operational support and solutions. In addition to that, its ideal location is a major logistics service partner in the Red Sea region in cooperation with Jeddah Port and Saudi Customs.”
He added that LogiPoint has served the largest and most important businesses in the Kingdom and the Gulf region for the past 17 years. He also stressed on the importance of providing high quality logistics services in Saudi ports, industrial areas and storage areas in remote regions.
"Clients can dramatically improve costs and generate additional business by better controlling their supply chains with the help of simplified customs processes and technology-based integrated solutions," said Prakash.
Prakash, emphasized on the importance of specialized logistics areas globally through economic zones in the Kingdom that can meet the needs of the entire industrial ecosystem and participate in the establishment of educational institutes, training facilities, research centers, suppliers and OEMs in the vicinity of one, safe environment.
On the reflection of the Vision 2030 on logistics, Prakash said that the Kingdom is currently in a transitional period, which will reshape the way the Saudi economy works, especially since it aims to attract international investors in order to set forth a new beginning that would constitute a major transformation in the country. Furthermore, it will allow for a brighter future that meets international standards.
LogiPoint's new identity will support the future vision of the Kingdom and transform it into an integrated logistics solution provider by achieving global competitive standards, adapting to change creatively and focusing on clients in a transparent manner. — SG

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