SISCO's Board has established three committees, comprising board members and external independent experts. These committees are regulated by specific charters approved by the Board

These committees are:




Audit Committee

Mr. Waleed A. Kayyal (Chairman)

Mr. Adnan A. Maimani

Mr. Alawi M. Saeed Kamel

Dr. Abubaker A. Bajabir 
(External Independent Member)

The committee meets at least once every quarter and assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities; primarily in reviewing quarterly and annual financial statements, reporting financial and non-financial information, reviewing systems of internal controls, risk management, the audit process, and the related party transactions.

Investment Committee

Mr. Aamer Alireza (Chairman)

Dr. Abdulaziz A. Jazzar

Mr. Mohamed A. Alireza 

Mr. Waleed A. Kayyal

The committee assists the Board in reviewing the Group’s major investment transactions and performances, oversee the Group’s financial resources and advises on future financial strategy. The committee meets as and when required.

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Dr. Abdulaziz A. Jazzar (Chairman)

Mr. Aamer Alireza 

Eng. Saleh A. Hefni

Mr. Thamer Al-Harthi
(External Independent Member)

The committee meets at least once, to assist the Board of Directors in reviewing and approving the compensation to be provided to SISCO Corporation, Board members, Chief Executive Officer and employees. In addition, the committee is responsible for overseeing the development, screening and nomination of qualified individuals for membership of the Board and its committees.